About Us | Abc Car Wraps

ABC Photosigns employs qualified sign writers that are also qualified applicators and trained in all aspects of vehicle signage.  Our staff are constantly trained and attend various courses/workshops to keep up to date with the latest technology and techniques on how to use various types of vinyls/materials to get the best results on the vehicle signage.

Here at ABC we have a large graphic art department. Our designers are up to speed with the latest marketing ideas and sleek modern designs to give the visual impact required giving your company maximum exposure.

“Who you are” “What you are” “Where you are”

The products we use are high quality top grade vehicle vinyls, specifically chosen to suit the job being done. Our printers use solvent inks designed for long lasting durability suitable for outdoor use. We also overlaminate the vinyl which helps to preserve the inks brightness and colour and it gives it UV protection to stop it from fading which gives you a fresh and vibrant look at all times. The overlaminate also makes it easier to wash the car. However in saying this, to give your signage the best life you should always hand wash the vehicle and never use car washes or pressure washes, which are very aggressive.